When my daughter Evie (age 5) gets a greetings card she treats it the same way most children (and adults!) do. She rips open the envelope, glances at the message inside, checks for money and then simply tosses it aside. A mere 30 seconds of interaction for a card that was painstakingly picked and lovingly posted. It was this lack of interaction that set me on my quest to create a greetings card that gave back more.

I started by looking at how this could be made possible. I knew that technology would have to play a part – so delved into what was available. I looked at QR codes and NFC, Voice Recognition and Shazam, but none was what I was after. After many hours I stumbled across Augmented Reality and knew immediately that this was what I needed to use. Augmented Reality has been around for a long time but I think it’s a technology that is yet to be fully harnessed. Partnering up with a Zappar I was able to immediately delve into this new technology and had a prototype created within a few hours. I took it home to Evie and watched her look at my pathetic prototype with unease. Nevertheless I explained the concept and handed her the phone – from then on she was hooked!

Since then I have developed and whole range of new designs and incorporated games and activities into the cards. I am doing my first ever trade show (Top Drawer in Olympia) in January and we will officially be launching then too. Please do come by!