Launching Hatch Cards at Top Drawer

We launched Hatch Cards the Augmented Reality Greetings Cards at Top Drawer this week, and what a learning curve it’s been! We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived, Olympia is a huge place (although Birmingham NEC is much bigger apparently) and finding our way to our little stand was pretty tough! We got everything set up in the end and were really happy with how it looked.


It’s strange because before the show we had the idea that the doors would open and people would flood in and surround your stand. This, however, is not how it works. You have to patiently wait and then approach anyone who walks past. It’s a slow trickle of buyers but they are buyers looking for new products and we felt our cards did pretty well! Everyone who saw them loved the concept and we had a good few orders and many “hot leads” to follow up.

We can’t wait for the next one now and would advise anyone who was unsure of doing a trade show that they are great!!